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Nearly 2,000 Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga died fighting ISIS as the fractious Kurdish powers sought to advance the cause for an independent state. Their martyrdom was in vain. With the project of Kurdish independence now in tatters, Kurds need to snap out of their parochialism and help build a new, stronger Iraq as a bastion against Iranian imperialism and foreign intrigue. And Arabs opposed to Iranian occupation must help them in a spirit of reconciliationRead more

The Iraqi Kurdish leadership often prides itself on being in the forefront of the fight against terrorism.  This status was well attested following the recent surge of Islamist militants to their south, infamously known as the Islamic State (ISIS). They proved themselves as willing and capable, which consequently led to unprecedented international support and recognition. However, they have displayed little desire to counter the threat of terrorism emanating from the east of their semi-independent region, the Islamic state in Iran.Read more

في اللحظة التي تجتاح فيها ميليشيات (الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام) «داعش» شمال شرقي العراق، تسعى في خراب البلاد وتقتل المدنيين، تظهر تنبؤات عمن قد يكون خلف هذه الفوضى في العراق. في ظاهر الأمر، ولأن داعش في أساسها ائتلاف سُنّي مشكّل على نحو فضفاض، يذهب ظن البعض للوهلة الأولى الى المملكة العربية السعودية. ولكن، ماذا لو كان الذي يحصل في العراق الآن قد جرى التخطيط له حتى يبدو كذلك؟ بمعنى آخر، ماذا لو كان حيلةً مرتبةً بعناية؟
لو تسنى للمرء النظر عن قرب، لأصبح بإمكانه التقاط عدد من القرائن المهمة التي تلقي على الوضع ضوءاً مختلفاً: منذ غزو القوات المتحالفة للعراق عام 2003...Read more

As the militias of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are inundating northwestern Iraq, ravaging the country and massacring the civilians, speculations pop up as to who might be behind this mess in Iraq. On the face of it, as the ISIS is basically a loosely formed Sunni coalition, the most appropriate candidate that comes to mind is Saudi Arabia, the self-proclaimed patron of all the Sunni movements in the Middle East that also has geopolitical designs on the region.
However, what if what is going on in Iraq now has actually been formulated and engineered in order to look like...Read more

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