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Objections to The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

Sharif Behruz of Iran Roundtable lays down his  objection to the recent deal struck with the regime of Islamic Republic or any deal that will be made with this menace regime, from the perspective of a persecuted Kurdish-Iranian.

Any deal that strengthens and empowers this regime to further persecute, marginalize and discriminate its people should be rejected, and Iranians of al strides overwhelmingly reject appeasing to this regime. Remember, the million march in 2009 protests, Obama, either with them or with us.  This deal is another drag in the back of Iranians who are struggling to change this regime for good.

To the US policy makers, this deal did not meet any of its intended goals:  it will certainly not make the region any safer. History has proven that appeasing aggressors will further complicate matters.  The regime still has the capability and infrastructure to build a bomb at the time of its choosing.  Given the regime’s past nuclear track record and its destructive nature, the deal should have paved the way for the regime’s nuclear program dismantlement.

Iranian Oil & Gas facilitiesIranian Oil & Gas facilities
To fellow Iranians and those media who love to cover Iranian petty street celebration of the accord, since when this nuclear blunder became a national pride. This is a regime pride and regime wants to guarantee its survival by bullying world powers at the expense of ordinary Iranians.

I have said it over and over that Iran does not need nuclear power, it lies on vast amount of oil resources and it is environmentally disastrous. If Japan cannot be immune to these natural disasters, then our underdeveloped and impotent Iran under the Mullas can certainly not. A large magnitude earthquake can cause nuclear spillover worse than chernobyl.

You can listen to the full interview with Cynthia Dillon of Intentional Dialogues in segments 3 + 4.


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