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Sharif Behruz discusses Syria, US and Iran with BBC World Service - Newsday 

Sharif Behruz: Unfortunately, with this policy, the US will eventually concede to the will of the Russians and Iran to keep Assad’s reign in place. The Saudis and the Turks already know this, and they are trying to mend fences with Bashar Al-Assad through Russia and other Assad allies.

Iran’s clerical rulers will not view the American invitation to the Syria talks as a gesture on the part of the US, rather as a sign of US weakness in the wake of Iran’s increased support for its allies, Assad, Houthi...المزيد


This resourceful depiction by Foreign Policy magazine is by far the best in its kind in exploring the political dynamics and landscape in Syria's Kurdistan and of course US involvement.
As the Islamic State terrorists continue to consolidate terrorists in Iraq and Syria, and as the fight for Kobane reaches the...المزيد

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