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Nearly 2,000 Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga died fighting ISIS as the fractious Kurdish powers sought to advance the cause for an independent state. Their martyrdom was in vain. With the project of Kurdish independence now in tatters, Kurds need to snap out of their parochialism and help build a new, stronger Iraq as a bastion against Iranian imperialism and foreign intrigue. And Arabs opposed to Iranian occupation must help them in a spirit of reconciliationRead more

ه‌ 17ی سێپتامبری 1992ی سکرتێری گشتی حیزبی دێمۆکڕاتی کوردستانی ئێران، دوکتور سادقی شه‌ره‌فکه‌ندی، فه‌تاح عه‌بدولی ئه‌ندامی کومیته‌ی ناوه‌ندی و نوێنه‌ری ئه‌و حیزبه‌ له‌ ده‌ره‌وه‌ی وڵات، هومایون ئه‌رده‌ڵان نوێنه‌ری حیزب له‌ ئاڵمان و نوری دێهکۆردی وه‌رگێری دوکتور شه‌ره‌فکه‌ندی له‌ کۆنگره‌ی ئه‌نترناسیونالی سوسیالیت و دۆستی کورد له‌ ده‌مێکدا له‌ گه‌ڵ چه‌ند که‌سی تری ئوپوزسیۆنی ئیران له‌ ڕێستورانی میکۆنوس له‌ شاری بێرلێنی ئاڵمان خه‌ریکی وتووێژ بوون له‌ لایه‌ن نێردراوانی کۆماری ئیسلامی ده‌ستڕێژیان لێکرا و گیانیان له‌ ده‌ست دا.

پاش زیاتر له‌ 20 ساڵان و هه‌ر له‌ پێوه‌ندی کاره‌ساتی ناسراو به‌...Read more

The murders in the restaurant were swift. Two big, bearded men, their coat collars up to their eyes, came out of the drizzly night and burst into a dimly lit private room at the back of the restaurant. The taller of the two stood over a party of eight at a corner table. He thrust a gloved hand into a bag slung over his shoulder. “You sons of whores,” he shouted, then fired 26 bullets in two bursts from the machine gun within the bag, killing four. The dignified senior figure who had been addressing the group died in his chair. To make sure, the second assassin pulled a handgun from his...Read more

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