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At Last, Change of Course, in Midst of Setback

Sharif Behruz   Oct27th, 2015

The first death in action of an American soldier in Iraq since 2011 has refocused attention on the role of U.S. troops in a mission which the administration has emphasized from the outset is not a “combat” one. 

Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler died after being shot an Oct. 22 during a joint U.S.-Kurdish raid on an Islamic State prison, where dozens of prisoners believed to have...

Each of the participants debate a range of issues pertaining to Iran's future:
-The place of nationalities within Iran and remedies to resolve this sensitive issue, namely federalism as an alternative to highly centralized Iran.
-Comparative analysis of self-determinations movements: The Scottish Referendum
-Carol Prunhuber, Author and Iran Roundtable Advisory Board Member
-Daniel Brett, consultant and Iran Roundtable Advisory Board Member
-Habib Azarsina, Azarbijani activist and Vice-President of Iran Roundtable
-Homayoun Mobasseri, human rights...

Terror in Berlin
Germany 2010 | Documentary | 65 Min
Persian with English subtitles
Director: Arman Nadjm
After the 1979 Revolution in Iran that led to the emergence of an Islamic state in Iran, influential and cultural figures opposed to the Islamic regime were systematically killed and eliminated inside and outside the country. "Mykonos" an Iranian owned restaurant in Berlin was the location of a Iranian regime-operated killing of a leading opposition leaders.  Three leading members of a Iranian Kurdish opposition group, Kurdistan Democratic Party were killed.  The...