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Prosecutors suggested that Ali Fallahian, then head of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, was the mastermind of the attack.  Other Iranian regime embassy, consular and intelligence officials who have had direct and indirect involvement in the Mykonos murder were: Seyed Hossein Mousavian, then the IRI ambassador to Germany and now a Research Scholar at the Program on Science and Global Security.  MousavianVahid Attarian, an embassy councillor as the MOIS senior officer in Western Europe.   Ali Reza Hakikian who was linked with the Mykonos murder but left Bonn in October 1993, shortly before the...Read more

Reading though the lines of this article “Islamic State Selling Captured Yazidi Girls For $10” I reaffirmed myself once more that this is the end result of managing today’s complex societies with the mindset and mentality of 14 centuries ago.
I convey the same message to the millions of Muslims faith.  With all due respect to the religion, the founders and the believers, lack of reform and...Read more

Iran under the reign of the regime Islamic Republic of Iran is home to largest number of dissidents in prison, among them a number of high profile political prisoners who have been imprisoned simply because the rouge state deems them as an existential threat.  There have been calls from Iranian activists and human rights organization to release all political prisoners, but hopes of hollow domestic reform and the recent inapt overtures from the international community has hindered even these efforts  and “Unfortunately, when the focus should be on the release of all prisoners of...Read more

In November, major world powers struck an interim deal with the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), giving Tehran an estimated $7 billion in sanctions relief in return for steps to halt the regime’s nuclear activities. The deal called for negotiating a full agreement within 6 months, possibly a year, and gradual loosening of sanctions that many rightly believe has brought the regime to the negotiating table.Read more

Seven Kurdish activist in detention in Erbil

Following the new wave of Kurdish political executions in Iran, protests were organized in major capitals to condemn the executions. Rojahalti Kurds (Kurdish in Iran) marched in the streets of the cities of Mariwan and Saqiz under the harshest security conditions imposed on the Kurdish region of Iran by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Protests were also organized in Turkey and Iraq, particularly in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, best know as KRG.Read more

Clashes and Executions in Iran, 20 prisoners executed following the death of more than 20 IRGC guardsmen

Iranian regime authorities in Iran hanged 16 prisoners Saturday in response to deadly overnight clashes between Baluchi armed groups and border security forces in southeast Iran province pf Baluchistan, the semi-official Fars news agency, affiliated to country’s Revolutionary Guards reported.
According to Iran’s official news agency IRNA 14 Iranian border guards were killed in Baluchistan region between Iran and Pakistan border. Six more were injured and three taken hostage, the news agency added. It earlier said as many as 17 security personnel had diedRead more

Obama-Rouhani & Munich Pact

بە وتەی جێمز لیندسی لە سەنتەری پێوەندییە بیانییەکان، رێکەوتننامەی مونیخ لە رەخنەلێگیراوترین رێکەوتنە دیپلۆماتییەکانی مێژوییە: لە ساڵی ١٩٣٨ هیتلێر تەماحی داگیرکردنی سادیتلەندی چەکسلاوکی کرد کە زۆربنەی دانیشتوانی بە رەگەز ئاڵمانی بوون. هاوکات لە گەل گرژبوونەوەکان، سەرۆکوەزیرانی بریتانیا، نیویل چامبیرلێن بۆ راگرتنی ئاشتی لەم قارەیە لە مانگی سێپتامبردا بەرەو ئاڵمان رێکەوت. بەبێ راوێژ کردن بە رێبەرانی چەکسلاواکی، سەری بۆ داخوازەکانی هیتلێر دانواند و پاشان ئەم بڕیارە لە گەڵ رێبەرانی ئاڵمان، بریتانیا، فەرانسە و ئیتالیا لە رێکەوتننامەی مونیخ لە سێپتامبری ٣٠ ی...Read more

Obama-Rouhani & Munich Pact

Regrettably, today the people of Iran are silenced to put up with the brutal, dictatorial and clerical beast of Islamic Republic; however the free world should not.  As the West prepares to tango once more with this cunning regime, we should be mindful of what happened 75 years ago, exactly today, when appeasement was chosen over belligerence in Munich.

Dealing a final blow to this regime might not be the most amusing or even the most feasible option of all at the moment; nevertheless I firmly believe that the Middle East, and for that matter the world, without the fanatical Islamic...Read more


لە كاتی چوونی بۆ ئامریكا، حەسەن رۆحانی، لە ستوونی كراوەی رۆژنامەی "واشینگتۆن پۆست"دا وتارێكی بڵاو كردۆتەوە‌و داوای لە هاوتا رۆژئاواییەكانی كردوە كە لەم هەلە كە هاتۆتە پێش كەڵک وەرگرن‌و ئامادەی دانووستان بن. ئامادەیی خۆشیانی نیشان داوە كە لەگەڵ رۆژئاوا‌و بەتایبەت ئامریكا، كێشەكانیان چارەسەر بكا.  ئاژانسی هەواڵدەری "کوردپا" دیمانەیەکی لە گەڵ سەرۆکی "مێزگردی ئێران" شەریف بێهروز کردووە کە کۆمەلێک پرسیار لە سەر پێوەندی ئێران و ئەمریکا و ئەگەری ئاسایی بوونەوەی پێوەندییەکانیان وڵام دراوەتەوە.Read more


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