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Rouhani is the man whose approach to fight poverty in Iran was to give out food baskets to the poor, a strategy that ended in chaos and humiliation.

In addition to supporting the war in Syria and ignoring the people’s economic struggles, capital punishment is surging in Iran.
More than 10 people per week have been executed in Iran since the beginning of 2014.Read more

For the third consecutive day, low-income Iranian families lined up Tuesday in harsh winter weather outside government–run distribution centers to pick up free food parcels.  Everyone who makes less than 5 million rials per month -- the equivalent of about $200 -- is entitled to one food basket; however many farmers, villagers and millions of uninsured labourers are deprived fro the handout.  This is an initiative by the new government to substitute Ahmadinejad-era cash handouts with essential food items imported from India (rice) and Turkey  (chicken).  Apparently, these items are...Read more

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