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Sharif Behruz of Iran Roundtable lays down his  objection to the recent deal struck with the regime of Islamic Republic or any deal that will be made with this menace regime, from the perspective of a persecuted Kurdish-Iranian.

Any deal that strengthens and empowers this regime to further persecute, marginalize and discriminate its people should be rejected, and Iranians of al strides overwhelmingly reject appeasing to this regime. Remember, the million march in 2009 protests, Obama, either with them or with us.  This deal is another drag in the back of Iranians who are struggling...Read more

When the Joint Action Plan was agreed upon back in 2013 to reach a deal by this past July on Islamic Republic of Iran’s controversial nuclear program, the parties involved in the negotiation, P5+1(5 Permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany) and Iran agreed to extend the talks till November 24 to reach a deal.  As no deal reached this around and the talks are extended for another seven months, one wonders if there is any possibility that any deal will ever be struck.  
Negotiations with this regime on its nuclear debacle date back to 2003, when now the President of Iran,...Read more

For Immediate Release
Washington, DC – March 28, 2014 - Iran Roundtable (IR) issued the following statement regarding the recent United Nations Human Rights Council (UNRC) vote to renew the mandate of Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed.
IR considers the UNRC decision to renew the mandate of Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed a welcome development for human rights in Iran.  The decision shows that human rights conditions in Iran under the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran is still very grim, even with the election of moderate President Rouhani, and is of a special concern to...Read more

Dear Mr. President:

Iran Roundtable, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of democracy and human rights in Iran, has the honor to present its compliments to Your Excellency and to present this letter expressing our concerns that the current nuclear negotiation may distract the US from the grave human rights violations and the alarming surge in executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran under President Hassan Rouhani. While fully supporting the Administration’s policy of preventing the Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear weapons, we firmly believe...Read more

March 6, 2014
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Iran Roundtable, (Washington, DC) - Recent nuclear negotiations between the West and the Islamic Republic of Iran  has raised concerns among ordinary Iranians that  the alarming human rights violations under President Rouhani are being ignored  in...Read more

 In June 2009, President Obama sent a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader asking for “engagement.” This move, coupled with Obama’s abandonment of the civil revolt in Iran that same month, sent a comforting message to the ruling Khomeinists: The United States is retreating from containment and will not support regime change in Iran. That undeniably emboldened Tehran to go on the offensive in the region after less than a decade of status quo.Read more

In November, major world powers struck an interim deal with the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), giving Tehran an estimated $7 billion in sanctions relief in return for steps to halt the regime’s nuclear activities. The deal called for negotiating a full agreement within 6 months, possibly a year, and gradual loosening of sanctions that many rightly believe has brought the regime to the negotiating table.Read more

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