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Mrs. Amini: "Sir, are you O.K.?"
The young man replied: "Who are you?" 
"I’m a journalist." Mrs. Amini replied.
"You came too late ... We lost her." The young man replied! "She was executed a few days ago ...she was only sixteen!" 
For 37 years Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) systematically discriminated women against their basic rights by providing them with limited legal and civil rights! Women are often subject to mistreatment or neglect at the hands of this putative government and instead of being protected by the law, the law is actually used to harass them! 
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International community has to urge Iranian authorities to suspend all executions, introduce and enforce laws that would improve the due process for the drug offenders, and change the direction of a war that unfairly targets the most vulnerable members of Iranian society in favour of large narcotic operations. Iran has to opt for rehabilitation and harm reduction in lieu of using noose as a nostrum for the complex drug crisis on its hands. For their part, the United Nations and the European Union members must suspend recognition and funding of Iranian counternarcotic efforts unless Iran...Read more

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