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Sharif Behruz discusses Syria, US and Iran with BBC World Service - Newsday 

Sharif Behruz: Unfortunately, with this policy, the US will eventually concede to the will of the Russians and Iran to keep Assad’s reign in place. The Saudis and the Turks already know this, and they are trying to mend fences with Bashar Al-Assad through Russia and other Assad allies.

Iran’s clerical rulers will not view the American invitation to the Syria talks as a gesture on the part of the US, rather as a sign of US weakness in the wake of Iran’s increased support for its allies, Assad, Houthi...Read more

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Cartoon by Kianoush RamezaniRead more

calling "... on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms Navi Pillay, to initiate an independent and impartial investigation into the deteriorating situation of prisoners of conscience in Iran, and the April 17th raid at Evin prison.  Once more, we call on the government of Iran to co-operate with the UN Special Raportuer, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, and to permit his entry into Iran in order to carry out his mandate”.   
Behruz of Iran Roundtable further urged the international community, in particular the United States to condemn “this barbaric act” against political prisoners in Iran,...Read more

For Immediate Release
Washington, DC – March 28, 2014 - Iran Roundtable (IR) issued the following statement regarding the recent United Nations Human Rights Council (UNRC) vote to renew the mandate of Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed.
IR considers the UNRC decision to renew the mandate of Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed a welcome development for human rights in Iran.  The decision shows that human rights conditions in Iran under the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran is still very grim, even with the election of moderate President Rouhani, and is of a special concern to...Read more

 In June 2009, President Obama sent a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader asking for “engagement.” This move, coupled with Obama’s abandonment of the civil revolt in Iran that same month, sent a comforting message to the ruling Khomeinists: The United States is retreating from containment and will not support regime change in Iran. That undeniably emboldened Tehran to go on the offensive in the region after less than a decade of status quo.Read more

1-    As is the legitimate demand of the Iranian people, we respectfully request that the US State Department expressly condemn the recent wave of executions of Baluch, Kurdish, and Arab political prisoners and seek an urgent halt to such illegal and unjust practices in Iran.
2-    We ask the US Government to take the initiative in urging the UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council to send a fact finding mission to investigate the recent wave of executions in Iran and to report its findings to the UN Security Council for further action.
3-    To put maximum pressure...Read more

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