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An explosion rocks Kobani during a reported suicide car bomb attack by ISIS.

Following the recent tragic deaths of two Canadian soldiers at the hands of domestic terrorists, who both appeared to be seeking to assist the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), some Canadians might feel that our country should quit the international coalition confronting ISIS.
The murders, however, appear likely to cause more Canadians to be cautiously favourable to continue the air campaign against jihadis, who have been denounced by Muslim leaders and believers worldwide.Read more

On August 3, militants of the Islamic State attacked the town of Sinjar, home of the Yezidis in northern Iraq, causing the flight of some 30,000 to 50,000 people. A stampede eventually attracted the attention of the international community on this humanitarian tragedy that began two months ago.
Given the fierce advance of IS jihadists and the occupation of Mosul, home to oil fields and the largest dam in Iraq, over 500,000 Iraqis fled seeking refuge in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Fortunately, since August 17 the Kurds have taken control of much of the dam.
Like medieval hordes, the...Read more

America appears finally to have seen the necessity of taking action with others on global security issues. It and other responsible members of the international community, including Canada, must stand together against Islamic State for as long as necessary. The international coalition needs much more help from countries in the region, especially Turkey, but we must all help to make it work.Read more

Reading though the lines of this article “Islamic State Selling Captured Yazidi Girls For $10” I reaffirmed myself once more that this is the end result of managing today’s complex societies with the mindset and mentality of 14 centuries ago.
I convey the same message to the millions of Muslims faith.  With all due respect to the religion, the founders and the believers, lack of reform and...Read more

في اللحظة التي تجتاح فيها ميليشيات (الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام) «داعش» شمال شرقي العراق، تسعى في خراب البلاد وتقتل المدنيين، تظهر تنبؤات عمن قد يكون خلف هذه الفوضى في العراق. في ظاهر الأمر، ولأن داعش في أساسها ائتلاف سُنّي مشكّل على نحو فضفاض، يذهب ظن البعض للوهلة الأولى الى المملكة العربية السعودية. ولكن، ماذا لو كان الذي يحصل في العراق الآن قد جرى التخطيط له حتى يبدو كذلك؟ بمعنى آخر، ماذا لو كان حيلةً مرتبةً بعناية؟
لو تسنى للمرء النظر عن قرب، لأصبح بإمكانه التقاط عدد من القرائن المهمة التي تلقي على الوضع ضوءاً مختلفاً: منذ غزو القوات المتحالفة للعراق عام 2003...Read more

As the militias of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are inundating northwestern Iraq, ravaging the country and massacring the civilians, speculations pop up as to who might be behind this mess in Iraq. On the face of it, as the ISIS is basically a loosely formed Sunni coalition, the most appropriate candidate that comes to mind is Saudi Arabia, the self-proclaimed patron of all the Sunni movements in the Middle East that also has geopolitical designs on the region.
However, what if what is going on in Iraq now has actually been formulated and engineered in order to look like...Read more

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