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Human Rights

 “Given Iran’s ethno-cultural compositions, such distinction by the UN Rights System is imperative that reporting of rights abuses should be impartial and neutral and so should be the sources and media outlets.  For example, major human rights organizations only highlight and focus on right abuses that occur in the center, merely because their upbringing culture is the same as those of the oppressors. Therefore, they rarely touch on issues that are dear to the hearts of many in Kurdistan and other deprived and neglected areas of Iran.”.
~ Sharif BehruzRead more

Mrs. Amini: "Sir, are you O.K.?"
The young man replied: "Who are you?" 
"I’m a journalist." Mrs. Amini replied.
"You came too late ... We lost her." The young man replied! "She was executed a few days ago ...she was only sixteen!" 
For 37 years Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) systematically discriminated women against their basic rights by providing them with limited legal and civil rights! Women are often subject to mistreatment or neglect at the hands of this putative government and instead of being protected by the law, the law is actually used to harass them! 
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International community has to urge Iranian authorities to suspend all executions, introduce and enforce laws that would improve the due process for the drug offenders, and change the direction of a war that unfairly targets the most vulnerable members of Iranian society in favour of large narcotic operations. Iran has to opt for rehabilitation and harm reduction in lieu of using noose as a nostrum for the complex drug crisis on its hands. For their part, the United Nations and the European Union members must suspend recognition and funding of Iranian counternarcotic efforts unless Iran...Read more

Iran Betting on Time

Iran Betting on Timepicture credit Getty's Pictures

this regime cannot be at peace with the outside and at war with its own people.  We are rightly concerned that for as long as this regime is in power, the people of Iran will not attain their rightful place in the...Read more

The United Nations rights system should pay further attention to decrease the negative effects of sanctions – preventing the government in Iran from using sanctions as an excuse – by imposing smart sanctions and pushing for the protection of the social and education rights of the Baloch, Kurds and others wrongly defined as minorities. Seventeen million Kurds, millions of Arabs in Ahwaz, millions of Baloch and other nationalities should not be simply overlooked as minorities.Read more

Reading though the lines of this article “Islamic State Selling Captured Yazidi Girls For $10” I reaffirmed myself once more that this is the end result of managing today’s complex societies with the mindset and mentality of 14 centuries ago.
I convey the same message to the millions of Muslims faith.  With all due respect to the religion, the founders and the believers, lack of reform and...Read more

The Advancing Human Rights will unveil a new web platform called, a site where dissidents and human rights activists can go to access a growing network of lawyers, publicists, journalists, and human rights advocates and ask them for help on any range of tasks from seeking asylum, organizing their efforts, or...Read more

The regime has reached a point where both sides sacrifice people: one side encourages the people to do unconventional things to show that the situation has changed and the other side suppresses them to show that nothing has or neither is going to change. The Morality Police still haunt public places to arrest women regarded as not conforming to the "Islamic" dress code; sham trials and real executions have increased; writers and artists are still censored or banned from work, and protestors are still arrested, tortured and kept in custody.Read more

Rayhaneh, who was an interior decorator before her arrest, was 19 when Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi—a former intelligence officer and, at the time, a high-ranking member of Iran’s government—invited her to his home to discuss a decorating job. When she arrived, she was offered a fruit juice, which forensics later confirmed contained sedatives, that she refused to drink. After blocking a number of aggressive sexual advances, she took a knife from her bag and stabbed Sarbandi in the shoulder in an “act of self-defense.” Her attacker died from blood loss.Read more

The United Nations' Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is responsible for the establishment of the 'Commission on the Status of Women' (CSW), maintaining that it is the ‘principal global policy-making body’ that is ‘dedicated exclusively to gender equality and [the] advancement of women’.
Bearing such a goal in mind, the United Nations recently elected Sudan, Iran and Pakistan to sit as ‘distinguished members’ on the CSW – the key international women’s rights monitoring body. Unfortunately, these countries are renowned for heavily subjugating women in their national legislation and...Read more


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