Iran Roundtable

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Each of the participants debate a range of issues pertaining to Iran's future:
-The place of nationalities within Iran and remedies to resolve this sensitive issue, namely federalism as an alternative to highly centralized Iran.
-Comparative analysis of self-determinations movements: The Scottish Referendum
-Carol Prunhuber, Author and Iran Roundtable Advisory Board Member
-Daniel Brett, consultant and Iran Roundtable Advisory Board Member
-Habib Azarsina, Azarbijani activist and Vice-President of Iran Roundtable
-Homayoun Mobasseri, human rights...Read more

In October and November 2013, three Kurdish political prisoners,  Shirkoo Moarefi, Habibolah Golpariopur and Reza Ismaili were executed on charges of “acting against national security” in Kurdistan.   Sixteen Baluchi prisoners were also speedily executed in  Baluchistan.  In all cases, the victims’ attorneys had not even been notified of the planned executions.

In a recent analysis,  Shahed Alavi,  a Kurdish political analyst,  has criticized  large sections of the Iranian democratic opposition movement for not taking  a strong stance against these executions and in some cases...Read more

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