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Dr. Karim Abdian

Dr. Karim Abdian is Executive Director of Ahwaz Human Rights Organization, and Representative of Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran (CNFI). Of Ahwazi-Arab descent, Dr. Abdian lives in Washington DC, and has been lobbying and raising awareness about Tehran's oppression and ethnic cleansing of Ahwazi-Arabs in Iran. Dr. Abdian was Director at CenterScope Technologies, Inc and worked in the Project Office Value Engineering in defense and space, US Department of Defense. 
Dr. Karim Abdian is a co-founder of Iran Roundtable Read more

Habib Azarsina

Habib Azarsina was born and raised in city of Urmia in West Azerbaijan province in Iran. Habib came to the United States as a college student in 1976 and has been living here since then. He learned how to write in his native language of Azerbaijani here in the United States.  As a student activist he has fought for the rights of all ethnic groups in Iran. He has been a US citizen for more than 20 years. Habib worked as a journalist and editor for Voice of America for more than 10 years. He has been an active member of Azerbaijani diaspora. He is very proud...Read more

Sharif Behruz

Sharif Behruz is born and raised in Iranian Kurdistan and is a Canadian resident now.  Living and growing up in Iranian Kurdistan for much of his teenage life, he has witnessed upfront violations of human rights, police brutalities and lawlessness something that ordinary Iranians especially national minorities, among them Kurds, face on daily basis.  Due to his father’s participation in the Kurdish national struggle following the Revolution in 1979, his family were among countless other Kurdish family members of dissidents and opposition activists who were...Read more

M. Hossein Bor

M. Hossein Bor's practice focuses on commercial law, international law, international relations, energy and petroleum, international trade, international transactions, corporate law, contracts and administrative law. Dr. Bor served as Energy and Economic Advisor to the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Washington, D.C. from 1982 to 1998.

Dr. Bor is active in facilitating trade, joint ventures, investment, and project development between American corporations and their counterparts from the Gulf countries. He advises U.S. companies conducting business in the Persian Gulf and overseas...Read more

Homayoun Mobasseri

Vice President & Treasurer 
Born April 21, 1949, a graduate of Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, England with further training from British and US Naval training establishments.
In March 1981 during the Iran/Iraq war Homayoun was summoned to the Military Revolutionary Tribunals and subsequent to extraordinary events managed to go  underground and exit Iran with the help of Baluchi friends into Pakistan.
In 1982  immigrated to United States and pursued his interest in financial sector, he produced and co hosted a radio program "View Points" which...Read more

Sohelia Nikpour is the founder and an Iranian refugee advocate under Iranian Refugee Amnesty Network, a US-based non-profit 501c3 advocating for human rights of, and offering support to Iranian refugees, regardless of ethnic background, religion, ancestry, sex, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity, who are asylum-seekers. IRAN advocates on legal, financial, and medical grounds to protect and preserve the rights of Iranian refugees who live in desperate conditions waiting to be “resettled” in third countries by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Ms. Nikpour...Read more

Ardavan Roozbeh, Chief Editor, Radio Koocheh is a photo journalist, social researcher and radio producer, originally born in Iran. Mr. Roozbeh has been the editor in chief and license owner of multiple Persian publications, while established Persian magazine “Monorail” in Malaysia.  Mr. Roozbeh was Senior Producer of human rights programs at Radio Zamaneh, license owner and Editor in Chief of Moroor and Khavaran newspapers, and Editor in Chief of Tatilat, Rooznameh negar, and Nakhoost. Mr. Roozbeh’s academic career involved journalism, multi-media, photography, foreign...Read more

Fakhteh L. Zamani is a Canadian human rights activist of Iranian Azerbaijani origin. She works diligently with international organizations concerning human rights violations of minorities in Iran, increasing overall public awareness of ethnic rights in Iran. 

Fakhteh left Iran and moved to Canada where she graduated from high school and was then admitted to the University of Ottawa with several scholarships and awards, including an award from two Prime Ministers of Canada. She has a double degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering but left an offer of research...Read more

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