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Iran Betting on Time

Iran Betting on Timepicture credit Getty's Pictures

this regime cannot be at peace with the outside and at war with its own people.  We are rightly concerned that for as long as this regime is in power, the people of Iran will not attain their rightful place in the...زیاتر بخوێنەوە

When the Joint Action Plan was agreed upon back in 2013 to reach a deal by this past July on Islamic Republic of Iran’s controversial nuclear program, the parties involved in the negotiation, P5+1(5 Permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany) and Iran agreed to extend the talks till November 24 to reach a deal.  As no deal reached this around and the talks are extended for another seven months, one wonders if there is any possibility that any deal will ever be struck.  
Negotiations with this regime on its nuclear debacle date back to 2003, when now the President of Iran,...زیاتر بخوێنەوە

Each of the participants debate a range of issues pertaining to Iran's future:
-The place of nationalities within Iran and remedies to resolve this sensitive issue, namely federalism as an alternative to highly centralized Iran.
-Comparative analysis of self-determinations movements: The Scottish Referendum
-Carol Prunhuber, Author and Iran Roundtable Advisory Board Member
-Daniel Brett, consultant and Iran Roundtable Advisory Board Member
-Habib Azarsina, Azarbijani activist and Vice-President of Iran Roundtable
-Homayoun Mobasseri, human rights...زیاتر بخوێنەوە

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