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A chill wind blew through the Iranian expatriate community when Ahmad Molla Nissi, leader of a faction of Ahwazi Arab separatists, was shot dead outside his home in The Hague on Wednesday night.
While many in the Iranian opposition – particularly those with Persian chauvinist attitudes – eschew his politics and violent tactics against the regime, there is fear that this assassination could be part of a campaign of killings similar to the ‘chain...Read more


This resourceful depiction by Foreign Policy magazine is by far the best in its kind in exploring the political dynamics and landscape in Syria's Kurdistan and of course US involvement.
As the Islamic State terrorists continue to consolidate terrorists in Iraq and Syria, and as the fight for Kobane reaches the...Read more

America appears finally to have seen the necessity of taking action with others on global security issues. It and other responsible members of the international community, including Canada, must stand together against Islamic State for as long as necessary. The international coalition needs much more help from countries in the region, especially Turkey, but we must all help to make it work.Read more

Prosecutors suggested that Ali Fallahian, then head of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, was the mastermind of the attack.  Other Iranian regime embassy, consular and intelligence officials who have had direct and indirect involvement in the Mykonos murder were: Seyed Hossein Mousavian, then the IRI ambassador to Germany and now a Research Scholar at the Program on Science and Global Security.  MousavianVahid Attarian, an embassy councillor as the MOIS senior officer in Western Europe.   Ali Reza Hakikian who was linked with the Mykonos murder but left Bonn in October 1993, shortly before the...Read more

Terror in Berlin
Germany 2010 | Documentary | 65 Min
Persian with English subtitles
Director: Arman Nadjm
After the 1979 Revolution in Iran that led to the emergence of an Islamic state in Iran, influential and cultural figures opposed to the Islamic regime were systematically killed and eliminated inside and outside the country. "Mykonos" an Iranian owned restaurant in Berlin was the location of a Iranian regime-operated killing of a leading opposition leaders.  Three leading members of a Iranian Kurdish opposition group, Kurdistan Democratic Party were killed.  The...Read more

The murders in the restaurant were swift. Two big, bearded men, their coat collars up to their eyes, came out of the drizzly night and burst into a dimly lit private room at the back of the restaurant. The taller of the two stood over a party of eight at a corner table. He thrust a gloved hand into a bag slung over his shoulder. “You sons of whores,” he shouted, then fired 26 bullets in two bursts from the machine gun within the bag, killing four. The dignified senior figure who had been addressing the group died in his chair. To make sure, the second assassin pulled a handgun from his...Read more

Supporters of freedom!
Defenders of human rights!

Once again, the reactionary and inhumane regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has shamelessly and fearlessly embarked on a new wave of killings and executions of innocent and brave sons and daughters of this country.
In recent weeks and months, the regime has begun a new wave of executions of political prisoners- and it seems that - the killing machine will likely to continue. This is whilst the new government of Rouhani had promised the betterment of general conditions for all Iranians, especially the oppressed...Read more

Presidents Rohani Obama Tough Talks and Hope of Peace

Whilst the Iranian regime’s mouthpiece stands before the world in New York speaking of peace and humanity, suggesting a fantasy notion for a movement – “WAVE” – World Against Violence and Extremism, human rights agencies have maintained a record of gross human rights violations spanning over three decades, perpetrated by the Iranian government since its inception in 1979. Human rights violations include child executions; rape of virgin detainees on the eve of their execution; stoning to death; breaching the rule of evidence; disregarding the right to a fair trial; oppressing the right to...Read more

Camp Ashraf Massacre

Iraqi security forces loyal to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, carried out another attack  on the remaining members of Iranian dissident group, Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MeK) and killed 52 unarmed member of the banned group early Sunday at their camp north of Baghdad, the Iranian exiles said.
The assault on Camp Ashraf began at 5 a.m. and lasted until late afternoon. Iraqi troops tied the dissidents’ hands behind their backs and shot them in the head, according to eye-witnessesRead more

Islamic Republic role and Chemical Attacks in Syria

“The Iranian regime’s support for the regime of Bashar-Al-Assad thorough its cruel Quds Force is no secret, though the extent is yet to be known; nonetheless, what is worrisome for the region and the larger international community is the use of deadly chemical weapons in this conflict where Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran’s Quds forces have played and continue to play a crucial role. There are intelligence reports that such weapons are used in Syria by Iranian elements to serve Iran’s interest.  First and foremost, continuous focus on Syria takes Iran’s Nuclear file off the radar.  Iran,...Read more


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