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Nuclear Proliferation

آیا رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در مسیر تغیر گام بر میدارد؟

The regime is not amenable to change because of its ideology and structure of power. The regime’s ideology is, in spite of the sham elections it organizes to manipulate domestic and international opinion, antithetical to human rights and democracy. Although there are various factions competing for power, real power lies in the hands of the “supreme leader” Ayatollah Khamenei. Equally important to consider is the fact that all these factions, irrespective of their differences, agree on preserving the Islamic Republic. They might disagree on how best to achieve this.

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General Secretary of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, Mustafa Hijri expresses his concern over a possible deal with Iran in a letter to President Obama and other world leaders. “Iranians struggling for freedom in their country, and especially the Kurdish people, are concerned that a deal over the nuclear program with the dictatorship in Tehran could be made at the expense of human rights and democracy,” Hjiri writes in his letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François Hollande, and UN Secretary General Banki Moon.
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Senator Mark Kirk

“The State Department should not aid and abet a European appeasement policy by pressuring the Senate to delay sanctions while the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism races toward a nuclear weapons capability. The international community should judge Iranian leaders by their actions, not their words. So long as Iran continues to pursue a nuclear weapons capability, build longer range ballistic missiles, sponsor terrorism around the world and abuse human rights, the Senate should impose maximum economic pressure on Iran to give diplomacy a chance to succeed.”Read more

 Iran’s new government must be transparent to tackle its domestic and international debacles

“Given the history of the Iranian regime’s complicity and defiance, it seems almost impossible for the regime to make any concessions on its nuclear advancements, because in the regime’s ideology any concessions in any matter will be interpreted as a retreat, and will reciprocally treat any concessions by the west as a sign of their weakness; therefore, as long as this regime rules over Iran, outstanding issues of nuclear program, support for terrorism abroad and gross human rights violation inside Iran will not be resolved.  Thus, at the moment, sanctions are the most feasible tools in...Read more

Sanctions, Shortage of Medicine Who should be blamed?

The head of Iran’s Commission Export Chamber of Commerce has warned that Iran can expect food shortages in the coming months. Meanwhile, a deputy in Iranian customs has said that 330 tons of medicine is currently stuck in Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International airport due to issues stemming from Iran’s multiple exchange rates.

Assadollah Asgarolladi, the head of the Export Chamber of Commerce and one of the wealthiest and most influential businessmen in Iran, said, “Unfortunately, with the events that have taken place recently, and the differences between the Central Bank, Ministry of...Read more

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