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Human Rights

Mrs. Amini: "Sir, are you O.K.?"
The young man replied: "Who are you?" 
"I’m a journalist." Mrs. Amini replied.
"You came too late ... We lost her." The young man replied! "She was executed a few days ago ...she was only sixteen!" 
For 37 years Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) systematically discriminated women against their basic rights by providing them with limited legal and civil rights! Women are often subject to mistreatment or neglect at the hands of this putative government and instead of being protected by the law, the law is actually used to harass them! 
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FB in Islamic Republic Iran

Cartoon by Kianoush RamezaniRead more

The Municipal authorities of Iran’s capital city, Tehran, closed and sealed off the only prayer house – not a mosque – for Sunni Muslims in Tehran, . 

The Municipality acted on the closure a week after the Greater Tehran Police barred the Sunni worshipers from entering this Sunni prayer site in Tehran on January 9, 2015, preventing them from holding congregational Friday prayers. 

Of the 12 million Tehran province population, approximately 1 million are Sunni Muslim, making up roughly 10% of the province’s population. However, the Sunni community in Tehran is prohibited to...Read more

The United Nations wants us to remember human rights 365 days a year, in fact. One group that needs attention: 29 Kurds on a hunger strike in Iran’s Orumiyeh prison.

Today, December 10, marks United Nations Human Rights Day, first proclaimed in 1950 “to bring to the attention ‘of the peoples of the world’ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.”

Today also marks the 20th day of a hunger strike by 29 political prisoners in Iran’s Orumiyeh Central Prison, which mainly houses Kurdish political prisoners.  ...Read more

Poverty in Iran hurts everyone, but children suffer the most. Poverty takes away their innocence in exchange for hardship. This most recent news story about a family in Zabol who has put their 5 year old son for sale in the
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The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) a mechanism of the Human Rights Council which works on reviewing the human rights record of UN member states reviewed the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran’s human rights record on Thursday, October 31.

In this session of the Council, 102 countries commented on the report provided by Iran’s representative on the regime’s human rights record and overall human rights situations under the Islamic state.  The Council was split along the lines of repressive, undemocratic and/or opportunist regimes commending Iran’s ‘progress in human rights’, while...Read more

The United Nations rights system should pay further attention to decrease the negative effects of sanctions – preventing the government in Iran from using sanctions as an excuse – by imposing smart sanctions and pushing for the protection of the social and education rights of the Baloch, Kurds and others wrongly defined as minorities. Seventeen million Kurds, millions of Arabs in Ahwaz, millions of Baloch and other nationalities should not be simply overlooked as minorities.Read more

Reading though the lines of this article “Islamic State Selling Captured Yazidi Girls For $10” I reaffirmed myself once more that this is the end result of managing today’s complex societies with the mindset and mentality of 14 centuries ago.
I convey the same message to the millions of Muslims faith.  With all due respect to the religion, the founders and the believers, lack of reform and...Read more

The Advancing Human Rights will unveil a new web platform called, a site where dissidents and human rights activists can go to access a growing network of lawyers, publicists, journalists, and human rights advocates and ask them for help on any range of tasks from seeking asylum, organizing their efforts, or...Read more


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