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Yezidi women and children, slaves of the twenty first century

Reading though the lines of this article “Islamic State Selling Captured Yazidi Girls For $10” I reaffirmed myself once more that this is the end result of managing today’s complex societies with the mindset and mentality of 14 centuries ago.
I convey the same message to the millions of Muslims faith.  With all due respect to the religion, the founders and the believers, lack of reform and progression within Islam will further sink the Islamic societies into misery and chaos.
As this article illustrate, the flames of this deadly fire is fast spreading and victimizing thousands of children and women of different faiths including Yezidi Kurds who have held on to their ancient beliefs and traditions for thousands of years despite the odds.
The world community did the right thing to respond to the plight of displaced refugees in Kurdistan to prevent another holocaust.  Strong and willing nations are ought to be supported in their efforts to combat this lethal plague, Kurds being the primary recipients.
~Sharif Behruz