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The View from Abroad. The Iran Nuclear Deal


The View from Abroad. The Iran Nuclear Deal. interview with Sharif Behruz  

In Part One, Sharif Behruz  explains in his own words, how his “father and family were evicted from Iran, in 1988, traveling in the back of a truck… to the Iraqi border…from there, they were able to apply for refugee status and moved to Canada…” Mr. Behruz comments on the riots and demonstrations that erupted last week in Mahabad, the Iranian Kurdish capital, (with 280,000 residents) over the sudden death/suicide of a young Kurdish girl. The incident is so disturbing because it provides an example of how “women in Iran, as a whole and particularly Kurdish women, have little legal protection against sexual harassment and violence, ” as Dr. Amir Sharif of the Kurdish Human Rights Advocacy Group once stated… Mr. Behruz speaks of his people’s desire to “dissent” under a “dictatorship,” and how they have to utilize any incident to let their voices be heard by the outside world. Mr. Behruz provides an update on the crime, and the outcome of what appears to be nothing less than the usual procedures by the authorities: a total “lack of an investigation under the regime’s standards…” Mr. Behruz also speaks of the 2009 demonstrations…”that could have toppled the regime…” but were ignored by this Administration

In Part two, Mr. Behruz speaks about the Iran Nuclear Deal, commenting on his article, published in November 2014, titled “Deal or no Deal, Iran is the winner…” For him, “negotiations with the regime have been futile (since 2003)” and affirms that the Iranian leaders ” are betting on time…,” waiting to see “the changing alliances, the coalitions,” and the players,” the Europeans and the Americans…” Shrewd negotiators, and playing on the weaknesses of the West (they need Iran’s assistance against ISIS, in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria!), the Iranians are now demanding “the total lifting of economic sanctions…” Mr. Behruz also comments on Senator McCain’s recent criticisms of Secretary Kerry, noting profusely, “Senator McCain is right!”…”And by focusing too much on this Deal, the Administration has alienated its closest allies, Israel and the Arabs…, ” proof of this is tomorrow’s Summit in Camp David with Arab friends… however, Saudi Arabia’s Monarch and Bahrain’s King will be absent… Mr. Behruz concludes the interview by speaking of the Iran he envisions with a “Democratic future, pluralistic, where different nationalities have a say, in a federalist structure…” The will of the People: Freedom.

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