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Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed

Velma Anne Ruth, M.Ed. is President of ABS Community Research and President of Independent Review, Inc. Through ABS, Velma works with African organizations on health, water, alternative energy, economic growth, risk and transparency; plus Middle Eastern organizations supporting a range of issues including democracy, human rights, refugees, humanitarian aid, security, government and media relations. Through her partnership group Independent Review, Velma is currently working on economic and medical development internationally, cultivating the participation of major US corporations, financial institutions, and prominent government leadership in promoting stability and advancing local economies. 

Recently, Universal Peace Federation appointed Velma as an Ambassador for Peace, which is UN recognized diplomatic status, joining a network of over 20,000 prominent policy makers, diplomats, charitable administrators, business leaders in 160+ countries. Velma’s organizations collaborate on awareness development in a broad range of issues from grassroots to diplomatic levels through special events with Universal Peace Federation, which has special NGO consultative status to the UN Economic and Social Council. 

Velma has been working with local and national governments, international leadership, and finance industry leaders since 1999 in interdisciplinary partnership development, market research, innovation in finance, health and justice, including collaboration with UN Statistics Division, leading members of White House Economic Classification and Policy Committee, leading board members of International Consortium of Government Financial Management, Urban Institute, World Health Organization, Bank of America, UBS, US House Oversight Committee, and advisors to US Department of Justice and US Department of Defense. Velma is a special advisor to AllHumanity Network, and was recently a judge for small business competition to Pulse Africa and Asante Mama for economic growth in Kenya and Uganda. Velma has a masters in Psychology and Criminal Justice, with background in government relations, partnership development, research and finance.