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Sohelia Nikpour

Soheila Nikpour is an Iranian refugee advocate and the founder of Iranian Refugee Amnesty Network, a US-based non-profit 501c3 advocating for human rights of, and offering support to Iranian refugees, regardless of ethnic background, religion, ancestry, sex, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity, who are asylum-seekers. IRAN advocates on legal, financial, and medical grounds to protect and preserve the rights of Iranian refugees who live in desperate conditions waiting to be “resettled” in third countries by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Ms. Nikpour is a human rights and refugee rights activist and has been working with the Iranian refugees specifically social minorities (LGBT and women), as well as ethnic minorities (Kurds), and religious minorities (Bahaii) in Turkey, Cyprus, and Iraq. She is also an active member and one of the US representatives with Campaign for Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI). 

Ms. Nikpour is originally from Tehran, Iran, now living in the United States, as a proactive Iranian-American both for the cause and in her local community of Philadelphia. Ms. Nikpour is involved in multiple Iranian organizations, is a Board member of The New Iran, and Officer on Refugee Rights with Neda For A Free Iran. She has been an advocate for the LGBT sports for the past 20 years serving on the boards of Team Philadelphia and Philadelphia Falcons Soccer Club. Her interest and hobbies include politics of Iran, Persian cooking, participation in amateur tennis and soccer tournaments, arts, music, and Persian poetry.
Ms Nikpour is a co-founder of Iran Roundtable.