Iran Roundtable

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Iran Roundtable leadership is a genuine reflection of Iran’s diverse population.  Iranian activists of various cultural and religious backgrounds have come together to create an unique and all-inclusive entity to strive for the freedom of their motherland, Iran from tyranny of the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran and use all the tools at their disposal to advocate for rule of law, freedom and democracy for Iran and advancing the interests of the Iranian-American community in the US.

Our leadership is composed of a broad Board of Directors with vast experiences in diplomacy, community outreach and human rights activism.  The Board of Directors control and manage all the affairs and business of this organization and ensures that the organization stays on track in fulfilling its mission and goals.

The Executive Committee, herein referred as “Officers” consists of the Chairman of the Board, President, Treasurer and Secretary, are elected to one-year terms by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Advisors is a panel of Iranian and non-Iranian experts and prominent individuals from academia, institutions, include former government officials, and business leaders that provide advice on organizational activities and decision-making. 

The Taskforces of the Board, with the help and leadership of the Officers, concentrate and advice on policy formation, human rights and democracy promotion, advocacy and community outreach.