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Fakhteh-Zamani on Child Bride

I was 10 here. It was some years after revolution and I did not have both of my parents with me. My father was at the Tabriz prison for being a landowner (khan) and my mother was at a hospital in Tehran after suffering years of stress and trauma.

I asked Khodayar (one of very few people who remained with my family after revolution) to take me to a photo studio. I was trying to entertain myself with various things to ignore absence of my parents and missing my dog 'Lili' who was sent off to Kurdistan. We had to send Lili away since Revolutionary Guards used to kick the poor dog every time they searched our home. They were also threatening to charge my father with heresy. 

Now imagining of becoming a wife at that age....makes me sick to my stomach ...Most probably, knowing that girl in the picture, I had to be killed to cooperate. I had my paternal grandmother as a role model. She was a fighter: strong, independent and resilient, who lived a long and healthy life and died peacefully at the age of 105. I could never be her but I can feel I still have a few of her genes kicking

P.S. This is a campaign post for Justice for Iran. In the last year child marriage has increased by 35% in Iran and they have decided to have an awareness campaign. Organization is asking people to post their childhood photos and write a short note, putting themselves on that child's shoes.