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Dissidents and Human Rights Activist to find help on the web

The Advancing Human Rights will unveil a new web platform called, a site where dissidents and human rights activists can go to access a growing network of lawyers, publicists, journalists, and human rights advocates and ask them for help on any range of tasks from seeking asylum, organizing their efforts, or just getting the word out to the world about their struggle. 

David Keyes, the executive director of Advancing Human Rights told The Daily Beast that hundreds of activists and dissidents have already been connecting on the site during its testing phase. The platform removes the need for a middle man between those in need of help and professionals who can help them, he said.

“There’s an awful lot of human rights activists and dissidents who are desperate for help and this platform can play a key role in helping connect those most in need with individuals with skills,” he said. “Engaging individuals around the world in standing up for dissidents around the world can be a force multiplier to protect and advance human rights in closed societies.”

The Movement's website describes the initiative: At the nexus of technology and human rights, Movements connects dissidents in closed societies with individuals around the world with skills to help.

 This powerful combination provides those fighting for human rights in dictatorships with the expertise they need to strengthen their voice. Movements takes out the middleman in human rights and creates links to strengthen dissidents and weaken dictators.

Regimes such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, Assad's Syria and Putin's Russia among many other dictators have invested billions to limit their citizens to information that they want them to see. As the organizers behind the platform claim this could be a valuable tool for the deprived activists  in those closed societies to connect with the free world. 

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