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1. Iran Roundtable is open to individual members of Iranian descent who reside in any country

2. Membership is obtained through payment of annual dues and registration fee.

3. Membership privileges are dependent on the level of dues paid by said member, including allowances for participation in the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Task Force, or other.

4. The Board of Directors and Board of Trustees jointly determine the membership privileges per membership level, and the monetary amount per membership level, as may be adjusted on annual or bi-annual bases, or other frequency in accordance with the growth of the organization.

5. Terms of membership are fixed, and nondiscriminatory.

6. Membership dues may be waived in the case of financial hardship, international sanctions on country of residence (i.e., Iran), or professional contribution to the organization (i.e., paid speaker, staff member, or consultant). Waiver of dues determined on individual bases through review by the Board of Directors, as seconded by the Board of Trustees