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Carol Prunhuber PhD

Carol Prunhuber, a journalist born in Caracas, Venezuela studied Literature in Caracas and pursued her Doctorate in Ibero American Studies in the University of Paris. She wrote for several Spanish-speaking newspapers —later working as a press attaché in Madrid for different organizations such as the Spanish Peace Movement (MPDL), Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Latin America (SECI) and summer courses at the University of Salamanca. She was foreign correspondent for daily newspaper El Nacional (Caracas) in Madrid during the 1980’s. In 1982, Prunhuber met Golden Palm winner and Kurdish film director from Turkey, Yilmaz Güney at the Cannes Film Festival, who introduced her to the Kurdish cause. In 1983, she met Iranian Kurdish leader Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou. In 1985 she traveled to Iranian Kurdistan via Baghdad with French agency Gamma TV to film the struggle of the Kurds in Iran. Prunhuber wrote The Passion and Death of Rahman the Kurd: Dreaming Kurdistan which has been published in English, Spanish, Turkish and Kurdish. She currently writes for the Venezuelan media and has traveled extensively, speaking about her book and the Kurdish situation. She has also written: Agua, silencio, memoria y Felisberto Hernández (Caracas, 1986) and Femmes: Les Grands Mythes Féminins à travers le Monde (Paris, 1987) published in the USA as Women: Around the World and Through the Ages (1990).