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Authors Reflect On Migration And Identity In Literature

Novelist Laleh Khadivi, Iranian-American of Kurdish origin who is in the process of writing a trilogy about Kurdish immigrants and Palestinian physician and poet Fady Joudah chat with Suzette Grillot of KGOU Radio to discuss how immigration really does separate one eventually from one’s identity, one’s ethnic identity and one’s joint identity?

"Khadivi says she writes to internalize her experience and understanding of migration and displacement in her novels in “a way that any human being even one who has lived in the same house their whole life, can understand.”

Palestinian physician and poet Fady Joudah identifies with Khadivi’s search for meaning amid displacement. He draws parallels between the Palestinian and Kurdish experience, arguing that this search for belonging corresponds with a universal human search for belonging.

“I realize that we are constantly migrating… within the body that we are born with or given,” Joudah says. “As we age in life, we are displaced and migrate within that body… also on the psychological level.

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