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Keeping my words with the boatmen, amidst the storm, 
Beyond my own life, I have to pass through the storm.
In the dark nights, my rendezvous with my love-
Is to set fire in the mountains.
Song: Kiss Me
Date: Summer 1953
Lyrics: Dr H. Reghabi 1931-1988
Singer: H. Golnaraghi 1921-1993
Composer: M. Vafadar 1912-1978Read more

Blue Feelings of Death

July 19, 201311:59 AM
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The curtain opens. Six nooses hang above a group of teenage inmates, who are making chairs in a prison workshop to be used as platforms in their own hangings. The audience gasps.

This is theater that's raw, edgy and political — and it's all been cleared by the Iranian authorities, even though they have tightened controls on speech.

The production, translated from Farsi as "The Blue Feeling of Death," opened last month as a showcase of activist art against Iran's legal codes that allow death sentences...Read more

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