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Kamandi: ‘Love comes with a lot of headache, but it also gives pleasure. It makes you creative.’ Photo: Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Famous Kurdish singer Abbasi Kamandi passed away Thursday of heart failure, the day after he was hospitalized for kidney complaints.  He was 62.

A native of the Kurdish city of Sanandaj (Sina) in Iranian Kurdistan, Kamandi was one of the most popular singers in the Kurdish world. His voice crossed borders and touched young and old alike. He died as he had wished: At his birthplace.

Kamandi, who worked for more than three decades at Radio...Read more

Novelist Laleh Khadivi, Iranian-American of Kurdish origin who is in the process of writing a trilogy about Kurdish immigrants and Palestinian physician and poet Fady Joudah chat with Suzette Grillot of KGOU Radio to discuss how immigration really does separate one eventually from one’s identity, one’s ethnic identity and one’s joint identity?Read more

Our best wishes for a happy New Year, a year that will witness the end of more dictators around the world, in Iran in particular, and brings joy, prosperity and peace to the people.

Happy New Year.

Blue Feelings of Death

July 19, 201311:59 AM
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The curtain opens. Six nooses hang above a group of teenage inmates, who are making chairs in a prison workshop to be used as platforms in their own hangings. The audience gasps.

This is theater that's raw, edgy and political — and it's all been cleared by the Iranian authorities, even though they have tightened controls on speech.

The production, translated from Farsi as "The Blue Feeling of Death," opened last month as a showcase of activist art against Iran's legal codes that allow death sentences...Read more

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